Sunday, January 18, 2009

What I have a blog!?

I have had this page open in my tabs, and have just not written since, um, November. Sheesh. My plan was ultimately to blog on a regular basis. It was to be my outlet, see how that turned out.
As an update, I have GRADUATED NURSING SCHOOL!!!!!!! I finished my ADN program the 18th of December. I am so stoked. I am now just waiting for my authorization to test for the NCLEX I hope to take the test by the end of February. and at the END of February, for a secondary congratualory presant for graduating. The first was going to Florida with the family and I got a TAN! I haven't seen sun for, for, FOREVER!
On the Crohns front, I have taken a back slide, I think I may have gotten a stomac bug from work, but I haven't rebounded yet. Thank goodness this all landed very close to my most recent MD appt. My doc started me on a regimen of Flagyl, which takes me back to the see no sun time of my life and the worst of all, no alcohol. I can't even take nightquill! Oh well, it will only be for a month, then by then hopefuly, I will be better heath-wise and not have to worry about drug interactions.
Over the Florida vacation, I got to hang with 4 of my cousins. I haven't seen them for awhile and it was a good reunion. And I have an order/request for some knitted items. The first was a set of glove-mits from The knitters Bible a great book, and a hat that I found on Berroco. So as soon as I get the right size needle and the yarn I ordered, I will begin the projects, talk about stokage. I have a few UFO's but I don't feel any push to finish them as they are more warm weather items. I will probably finish them in March to get ready for the warm weather.
So I will make the comitment to blog more regularly, what is regularly, I haven't a clue?

Stay Warm!

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