Saturday, February 14, 2009


Maybe because it is late, or maybe just because I have not had one in SO LONG, I can not believe how good fast food burgers can taste! I just finished a cheese burger and was in total ecstasy, I even was tempted to eat the pickle slice that had fallen out and grown cold, just to prolong the gastronomic enjoyment. But alas, I was strong and threw it away.
I am SO proud of myself I ran today! Granted it was only for 3 minuets, (I power-walked the other 12min) But it added up to a whole mile, I haven't done that for MONTHS. I am considering starting a program to 'potato to 5k' program to help me get back into shape, round is good for some areas, not all.
I was going to work on my hat today and found I had lost one of the DPN's! I was so mad, I've missed placed it several times before, but have I solved the problem? of course not. So tomorrow I hunt, just hope I am successful.
I found the awesome-est, most coolest site the other day, Chore Wars too cool, I get points for doing stuff I should do, but get too lazy to do. Pretty pathetic, but hey, if the work gets done, I'm happy.

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent!
--Norman Augustine

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Molesting Timeclocks

So for a few weeks now I have discovered that I am relaxing from my crazy school schedule, finally. I first noticed when I started to forget to wear my watch, then I locked myself out of my car 2 time in as many days, then I started to forget to take my cell phone on short errands, and now I seem to have decided to forget my work badge. This would not have been a total problem except for that I need it to get into the building after hours, and since I work midnights, this is very important. So to counter act this forgetfulness, I have started to attach my badge to my top when I change cloths for work. And this is working great, except that because it has been SO FLIPPIN' COLD!! I have to wear extra layers of warm weather clothing. This only presents a problem when I am trying to utilize the badge. As it is under the mammoth amount of cloths and I don't want to take off or undo any of the items, I bump my chest against the reader, however, since I have so many layers, I truly have to molest the reader to have it read my badge. Quite a humorous display if one was watching.
I have another long weekend approaching, I drill on Sat and Sun 7:30a-5p and then Sun and Mon night, I am working 11p-7a THEN I have a MD appt at 8A tues morning, right after my shift. I tell you I will sleep like a baby tuesday! Well I will unless the mailman wakes me up with a package. . . I truly need to create a "Do Not Disturb" sign for my appartment door.
As I am getting more into sharing my life via pictures on different internet venues, I am realizing how little pictures I have of myself, tons of others and my cat, but none of me. So I shall have to cast the net to my friends and family to send me pics so that I can have and share those times in my life that were picture worthy.
I am getting along quite well with the brim of the tympany hat I am making for my cousin. I must say that I am quite proud of it if I do say so my self, and I do. The verigation is coming out so cool, red, green, turquoise, purple, navy, black, and gray. I have 6 blocks done and am about to start the seventh and will finish with the 8th. Then I can start the crown yea!

So TTFN Ta Ta For Now!