Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Personal Caos

So I took some pictures of some of my FO's with good intentions of uploading them so other people could see my stuff. I could not find my camera cable! And it is not just a mini USB connector, but a squished USB mini connector. so I can not even substitute a cable. So, I cleaned, in the vain attempt to find the cord, witch I saw 2 days ago while cleaning. No luck. So as soon as I find the cord, there will be pics, and I have a lot to upload!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ditzy Me

I feel like SUCH a ditz. In my last entry I expressed the urge to knit something warm and comforting for my aunt how has breast cancer, I suggested a hat. To day, I realized that I have a started prayer shawl in need of an owner, DUH!! I had started the shawl before Christmas, I did not know why, but I knew that I had to make one, it has been slow going because there has not been a deadline or recipient to motivate me, now there is. It is a beautiful hunter/olive green, I hope she likes it.
And now I can not even remember the other ditzy thing I did! grrr.
I have been watching a lot of Thread Banger episodes today and am really starting to get into the make my own stuff motation. I finished my pair of little green wristlets and will post pics when I take some.


Monday, January 19, 2009


Cancer, it is a very ugly word. One we often hear too frequently these days. I have been reading the Knitting Heretic's blog and am truly astounded at how much cancer has affected her life. I also was listening to Kim from Knit Therapy about her bouts with cancer, ovarian and breast. Now I get news that my newest aunt, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is after my cousin her stepdaughter, was killed in an auto accident some years back and her own son, my cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. He is fine now, but this brings the thoughts of pain and despair back to the fore front of my mind. How can there be such chaos and destruction in our own bodies? And how dose this horribly THING choose were to land? It makes one wonder, is our environment and what we put into our bodies so bad that our own being is turning upon its self? If one cannot trust their own body what can you trust? It is not only cancer I speak of, with my Crohns, every day I feel this small part of me wondering, why is my body turning on me? Is it my fault, what I eat, were I live, HOW I live? And if it is what could I be doing to fix all of this. I told my doctor of these feelings and he assured me that it was not what I was doing to my body, but what it was doing to its self. That just makes me feel horrible. I feel like damaged goods. But back to my aunt, she has 3 children and I can not fathom the pain this is causing the family and how the treatment will affect them. Hopefully it will bring the entire family together and bring out the good in all of us, unlike with my grandmothers passing. In preparation for her treatment and up coming months of illness, I have decided to knit her a hat, what pattern, I do not know, I shall decide tomorrow. For a liter side, a friend of mine gave me her new email the other day and it contained the word 'cancer' I was shocked and speechless, she looked at me kind of funny at my inarticulate sputtering, and said, "what, that's my sign." Perspective is always helpful in life.
I want to read some poetry after that thought-filled and emotional post, I sould get a book of Robert Frost, I always liked his work. . .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What I have a blog!?

I have had this page open in my tabs, and have just not written since, um, November. Sheesh. My plan was ultimately to blog on a regular basis. It was to be my outlet, see how that turned out.
As an update, I have GRADUATED NURSING SCHOOL!!!!!!! I finished my ADN program the 18th of December. I am so stoked. I am now just waiting for my authorization to test for the NCLEX I hope to take the test by the end of February. and at the END of February, for a secondary congratualory presant for graduating. The first was going to Florida with the family and I got a TAN! I haven't seen sun for, for, FOREVER!
On the Crohns front, I have taken a back slide, I think I may have gotten a stomac bug from work, but I haven't rebounded yet. Thank goodness this all landed very close to my most recent MD appt. My doc started me on a regimen of Flagyl, which takes me back to the see no sun time of my life and the worst of all, no alcohol. I can't even take nightquill! Oh well, it will only be for a month, then by then hopefuly, I will be better heath-wise and not have to worry about drug interactions.
Over the Florida vacation, I got to hang with 4 of my cousins. I haven't seen them for awhile and it was a good reunion. And I have an order/request for some knitted items. The first was a set of glove-mits from The knitters Bible a great book, and a hat that I found on Berroco. So as soon as I get the right size needle and the yarn I ordered, I will begin the projects, talk about stokage. I have a few UFO's but I don't feel any push to finish them as they are more warm weather items. I will probably finish them in March to get ready for the warm weather.
So I will make the comitment to blog more regularly, what is regularly, I haven't a clue?

Stay Warm!