Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ditzy Me

I feel like SUCH a ditz. In my last entry I expressed the urge to knit something warm and comforting for my aunt how has breast cancer, I suggested a hat. To day, I realized that I have a started prayer shawl in need of an owner, DUH!! I had started the shawl before Christmas, I did not know why, but I knew that I had to make one, it has been slow going because there has not been a deadline or recipient to motivate me, now there is. It is a beautiful hunter/olive green, I hope she likes it.
And now I can not even remember the other ditzy thing I did! grrr.
I have been watching a lot of Thread Banger episodes today and am really starting to get into the make my own stuff motation. I finished my pair of little green wristlets and will post pics when I take some.


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