Saturday, February 14, 2009


Maybe because it is late, or maybe just because I have not had one in SO LONG, I can not believe how good fast food burgers can taste! I just finished a cheese burger and was in total ecstasy, I even was tempted to eat the pickle slice that had fallen out and grown cold, just to prolong the gastronomic enjoyment. But alas, I was strong and threw it away.
I am SO proud of myself I ran today! Granted it was only for 3 minuets, (I power-walked the other 12min) But it added up to a whole mile, I haven't done that for MONTHS. I am considering starting a program to 'potato to 5k' program to help me get back into shape, round is good for some areas, not all.
I was going to work on my hat today and found I had lost one of the DPN's! I was so mad, I've missed placed it several times before, but have I solved the problem? of course not. So tomorrow I hunt, just hope I am successful.
I found the awesome-est, most coolest site the other day, Chore Wars too cool, I get points for doing stuff I should do, but get too lazy to do. Pretty pathetic, but hey, if the work gets done, I'm happy.

Motivation will almost always beat mere talent!
--Norman Augustine

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