Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am a firm believer in comercialism, but sometimes it irritates me. I had a wonderful website, I used it mostly to keep my most used web address and things of that nature so they would not be floating around in my head and I would not have to rely on my sometimes shotty memory to find them. I recently recieved news that the web browser company I was useing to hoast my free site, is now removing all free sites and charging a yearly fee upwards of $20 a year. I do not want to pay for a place on the web to blog and keep all of my website links, so I decided to move to a real blog site, that happily, is free.

I just finished watching the movie, The Painted Veil, what a wonderful movie! I was very proud of Kitty for growing up and I loved that they got back together before he died. BUT HE DIED! grr! but it was still a very enjoyable movie.

I passed my test!!! I have now officially passed test 3 in OB and am 18 points above passing, so that gives me a very nice cushion going into the final. I really need to get on to writing my research paper, but that is for tomorrow since I seem to be having quite the trouble typing tonight.

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